St. Sharbel | Portland, OR

by Nadia Redmond

On July 29, 2018, his Excellency Bishop A. Elias Zaidan, M.L.M., ordained two young men to the Minor Orders of Cantor, Lector and Subdeacon for the Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles at St. Sharbel Maronite Church in Portland, OR. The families of Subdeacons Michael Shami and Peter Zogbi sat at the front to witness the joyful and blessed occasion. Concelebrants included Fr. Christopher Fabre, Pastor, Subdeacon Michael’s sponsor, Fr. Allan White, OP, and Subdeacon Peter’s sponsor, Fr. Jonathan Decker, MMJMJ. Msgr. Peter Azar, Rector of Our Lady of Lebanon Seminary in Washington, DC presented the two candidates and Fr. Aaron Sandbothe, Pastor of Mary, Mother of the Light Maronite Church in Tequesta, FL was the Master of Ceremonies. Deacons Wadih Kaldawi and Tony Karam of St. Sharbel Church, were also present.

Bishop Elias gave a homily on the theme of “Joy” from the gospel periscope concerning Zaccheaus, the
tax collector. Bishop Elias explained that Zacchaeus became joyful and no longer small in stature, because Zacchaeus found Jesus Christ and was touched in his heart. Bishop Elias explained, “we are spiritually connected” and to the two candidates, “you have connected with Jesus Christ and are moving on to give and serve more for Him. Christ has touched my heart. I hope to share that joy with you. Today, you will become singers, readers, and invite people to the church, not just by speaking, but by the way you live your life”.

Subdeacon Michael Shami, youngest of four siblings and son of Joseph and Ilona Shami, was born and raised in New York City. His family is from Aleppo, Syria. Subdeacon Michael’s home parish was Our Lady of Lebanon in Brooklyn, New York, and he is beginning his Licentiate at the Pontifical Oriental Institute. Subdeacon Michael hopes to pursue a doctorate in Liturgy in Rome. He emphasized his family upbringing and support that were important in nurturing his vocation.

Subdeacon Peter Zogbi, second oldest of five siblings and son of Gibran and Lina Zogbi, was born in Cleveland, Ohio. His family is from the villages of Wata Fares and Deir Billa in Batroun. Subdeacon Peter’s home parish is St. Sharbel Church in Portland, Oregon. Subdeacon Peter will continue with his studies for the priesthood at Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Seminary in Washington, DC. He expressed that he is most looking forward to hearing confessions, giving homilies, and celebrating the Eucharist.

St. Sharbel Parish is a vibrant community and has contributed to the Maronite Church the Third Order of the Oblates of Jesus, Mary and Joseph; two Deacons, Tony Karam and Wadih Kaldawi; the first permanent Cantor of the Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles, Andre Karam.

In gratitude to almighty God for His many graces already received, the parishioners thank Bishop A. Elias Zaiden for his blessing and support to the Maronite community in the Pacific Northwest.

Our Lady of Lebanon | Miami, FL

by Jeanned’arc Lahoud

On Wednesday, 14 August 2018, the eve of the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, many gathered at Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Church, Miami, Florida for the ordination of Mr. Joseph Lahoud to the Minor Orders of Cantor, Lector, and Subdeacon. The ordination was celebrated by Chorbishop Michael Thomas along with Fr. Elie Saade, Pastor, Fr. Jack Morrison, Director of the Office of Ministries, Fr. Aaron Sandbothe, Pastor of Mary, Mother of the Light Church in Tequesta, FL, and Fr. Jorge Perales. Deacon John Jarvis and Subdeacon Elias Azzi were also in attendance.

Chorbishop Thomas delivered a thoughtful homily focusing on the importance of the role of the Subdeacon as a mediator between the people and the altar. Along with the clergy, the new Subdeacon’s family: Mrs. Jeanned’arc Lahoud and their children participated in the ordination. Mr. Joseph Lahoud and his family have been active and exemplary members of Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Church in Miami for many years. Parishioners and friends from neighboring Maronite parishes attended this blessed event.

St. Anthony | Glen Allen, VA

On Sunday October 7, Saint Anthony Church in Glen Allen, Virginia, celebrated the ordination of Michael C. Maynes to the Minor Orders of Cantor, Lector, and Subdeacon. This ordination was conferred by Chorbishop John D. Faris, pastor of Saint Anthony Church in Glen Allen, VA; also in attendance were Rev. Jack Morrison, Monsignor George M. Sebaali, Monsignor Peter Azar, and Deacon Thomas Mullen.

His wife, Francine, and children, Michael, Christopher, Matthew and Christina, and his parents, Leo and Nancy Maynes, and mother-in-law, Barbara Zohab, were seated in the congregation. Subdeacon Michael’s ordination was the first witnessed by parishioners since the ordination of the late Subdeacon Kenneth Fodill in 1994.

Subdeacon Michael was especially blessed to have his former pastor, Monsignor George M. Sebaali, present him to Chorbishop Faris. Monsignors Azar and Sebaali led Subdeacon Michael in the various processions during the ordination.

Under the direction of Mr. Pete Mazloom, the choir beautifully sang the hymns, prayers and chants throughout the liturgy. Subdeacon Michael’s brother, Leo Maynes, Jr., proclaimed the Epistle and the Gospel was proclaimed by Deacon Thomas Mullen.


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