Caritas Lebanon

Caritas Lebanon, the common official socio-pastoral arm of the Catholic Church in service of the poor and the promotion of love, charity and justice, provides economic development, livelihood, health and social care, education, migration services, emergency and crisis intervention, human and humanitarian relief and aid, environmental stewardship, as well as advocacy and protection for all individuals and groups of people in need.

We accomplish this, in concert with Catholic Bishops and priests in their respective dioceses and parishes, as well as other key stakeholders in their communities by:

  • Holding ourselves to high Christian morals and standards
  • Embracing a socially entrepreneurial network orchestration model 
  • Increasing agility and responsiveness to constituents’ developing needs 
  • Ensuring efficiency, transparency and visibility of our work 
  • Recognizing, valuing and acknowledging the work of all Caritas family members 
  • Constantly developing and empowering our teams spiritually and professionally 
  • Enabling re-activation of all our fellow Caritas alumni as multipliers and role models to our teams in the delivery of our efforts and services
  • Strengthening coordination and transparent collaboration with our Caritas Partners, governmental and non-governmental institutions, local civic associations and all other benefactors and international donors
  • Encouraging and enabling partnerships between the church, religious institutions, individuals, businesses, local networks, expatriate networks, academia, technological and entrepreneurial hubs, municipalities and the central government, for sustainable human, spiritual, and evidence-based local socio-economic development
  • Delivering a wide range of ethical quality and sustainable community-based services to include development, livelihoods, health care, social care, education, human and humanitarian rights, holistic migration services, emergency intervention, crisis response, relief, aid, protection, peace building, advocacy and empowerment to all vulnerable, marginalized and disadvantaged individuals and groups, in collaboration with the local Caritas champions

For more information contact:

Fr. John Nahal, 
Caritas Lebanon USA, President
931 Lebanon Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63104
Tel. 314.621.0056
All your donations are tax deductible; Caritas Lebanon USA is 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Charitable Organization

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